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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2018 in India

2017 is preparing itself to wrap up its activities and making space to welcome the New Year 2018. So it definitely demands its welcome to be filled with lots of excitement and positivity. The charge up parties with warm wishes and celebration is the only theme of the New Year parties. So, to spend and be a part of these exclusive parties you need that perfect place to connect your level of joy. In here, I have jolted down 10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year in India. You may choose out the places and have a joyful blast the last evening of 2017 and embrace the upcoming year 2018 with all the heartfelt warm wishes.

10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2018 in India:

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  • Goa: Our Very Own Las Vegas

No one has to suggest for celebrating the New Year in Goa. The place has its own special charm to make people feel recharged with youthfulness. Beaches, bars, seafood, seashores, roads, churches and lots more are just enough to make you feel welcomed and your excitement granted. The place is thus a must visit one with anybody you love to. But yes, do not spoil your excitement level by being accompanied with whom you need to behave reserved.

  • Kolkata: Open Armed Cultural Capital

The festive city is just rich enough to make you feel special every single day. Kolkata is always busy to entertain anybody who stays or visits the city. The city has such a variation of its own culture that you can never feel misfit to celebrate the New Year. The loud nightclubs, the silent Maidan, and much more are there to feed your senses according to your mood.

Mumbai, the City of Stars is the appropriate place to celebrate this special day. The Juhu beach makes you feel so special when you watch the firecracker to crack in the open sky and the glittering image reflecting on the sea water. It is a one-time event of the year when you see Kuch Kuch Hota Hain’s shooting stars, though artificial. But, it definitely gives you a tickling effect. The nightclubs, the exciting lazy stroll on the roads just blends up that amazing feeling.

  • Delhi: Urban Sleek Desi City

Delhi, besides being the capital city, is one of the oldest city wrapped up in the bun of urbanization. Might be that is the sole reason why the Delhites could not leave their pride of being the most desi mass. With crackers and sweet distributed there is also the blend of DJs. Nightclubs are definitely there, but the Delhi Dilwale prefer to arrange everything locally. So, get the taste of belonging to the city.

  • Pondicherry: French India

Pondicherry had been once the French colony. This made the place feel like France as there are lots of Anglo Indians living out there still practicing the French culture. If you prefer to taste something new in the upcoming New Year then Pondicherry must be the pickup choice for you. There are performances held on the streets of Pondicherry for this very event. So, have a replica tour of France or Paris on this very day.

  • Bangalore: IT Hub of India

Bangalore is definitely just not the city of machines. There are some occasions when the 9-9 jobholders also get the scope to party hard and air away from all their stress. Well, the New Year is definitely such a type of occasion. The shopping malls along with definitely the nightclubs arrange parties and events to celebrate this day. The whole city remains awake and enjoys the moment boundlessly.

  • Gulmarg: The Serene Silence

Well, this place is something a bit different one. Many of you must have that thought, why New Year will accompany just partying hard and loud. For those who want to start the New Year with the utmost sense of romanticism then Gulmarg is the place which you must pick. The serene beauty of the snow-covered place is definitely warm and cozy despite the weather being extremely cold. But, do the lovebirds ever found the simplest and usual way to be romantic?

  • Mcleodganj: The Hippy Site

The hill town is definitely the choice for the hippy type people. People who want to share their creativeness and craze for knowing and understanding and definitely exploring, the place is just the suitable one. The local stalls are all filled up with poets, musicians, painters, photographers and people like that. So, if you wish to spend that inch feel of your first love or crush then definitely the place has a huge stock of all these.

  • Kerela: The Place of Gods

Kerela, with its own natural integrity, gives you a sober feeling. You do not need to meditate and make up your plans for the New Year. Once you are in Kerela you will feel the sense of belonging to nature. Nature speaks here and helps you out to soothe yourself. If you wish to have a quiet peaceful New Year then Kerela definitely will provide you that comfort and happiness.

  • Manali: Celebrating the Snow

Well, Manali is the place which you can opt for going in this upcoming New Year. The place is definitely suitable to go with family. Also, it is great as the New Year honeymoon destination. Also, if you are too adventurous and want to spend time with your crazy friends then definitely the place is great to know yourself much more than ever. There are lots of adventurous sports to try out. So, if wishing for starting the New Year adventurously then head on to Manali.

Well, these are the Best Places to Celebrate New Year in India. Instead of getting bored, choose any from the list. But, before that make sure what is your mood’s wish and then the choice made will be easy.

Updated: November 20, 2017 — 6:34 am

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