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How to Surprise your Boyfriend on Valentine Day 2018

How to Surprise your Boyfriend on Valentine Day 2018

If you are looking to Surprise your Boyfriend on Valentine Day 2016 read these tips. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, beauty and romantic mood. Happy couples want to make it special and unforgettable, but sometime they don’t know what to do to make their beloved remember this day forever.  Here are our 5 tips and ideas on how you can surprise your boyfriend and make this day beautiful and special:

1) First date again

You and your boyfriend can agree to play one interesting game together: pretend (like actors) that you’ve just met and this is your first date, try to act, as if it was true. Look at each other the same way you did when you first met, be shy, talkative, joke around, ask the same questions that you asked before, make it fun and remember all the feelings you had on your real first date. 

2) Create surprises for your lover

Arrange some help from your friends and acquaintances to help you organise everything. For example, here is one interesting idea for guys: imagine the two of you (you and your girl) walking in the park and, suddenly, you see the box of chocolates on the bench with flowers and a Valentine’s day card. She opens it up, reads…and it happens to be a card from you addressed to her. This will be an unforgettable experience for your spacial boy!
How to Surprise your Boyfriend on Valentine Day 2016
3) Layered surpriseBuy ten envelopes of different sizes form small ones to bigger and bigger and bigger ones, so that these envelops can fit inside each other, like a Russian doll, Matryoshka; then write a love letter to your beloved and put it into the smallest envelop, then place it into a bigger one, then again to bigger ones and so on…Send this to your lover by mail and make sure, your Boyfriend receives it on Valentine’s Day; try to be next to himr when he opens it up, to make sure that she digs deep until that last envelop to find your love message inside. Not only both of you will have fun and laugh, but also you will make this day very special.

4) A romantic dinner with contests and prizesTo make Valentine’s Day special, organise a romantic dinner for two. You can spend time cooking together at home and when the dinner time comes, surprise your beloved with a special program of fun contests and, of course, there will be prizes to win! This little touch of creativity will make your dinner time more fun and entertaining and, at the end of the evening, when it’s time to receive prizes, it will become romantic… ��

5) Write a poem for your Girlfriend You can do it yourself or find one you like on the internet, the important part is that it should be romantic. Write it down on a Valentine’s Day card and stick it to the mirror (or you can write it on the mirror itself). Bring breakfast in bed for your prince with a flower or a bouquet of flowers. When your girlfriend will wake up and will go to wash his face, He will see your poem on the mirror; this will surely make his day beautiful and therefore, yours as well.

Updated: January 9, 2018 — 11:31 am

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